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Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans - Steve Vernon, Wade Pfau

Learn how recent Society of Actuaries research can be applied to retirement income options and investing decisions for DC plan sponsors, participants and consumers.

This presentation highlights conclusions from a four-phase research project sponsored by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Stanford Center on Longevity. It illustrates an analytical framework for evaluating retirement income generators (RIGs) that could be offered in defined contribution retirement plans, and how to use a diversified portfolio approach for developing retirement income strategies.

In “Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans”, by Steve Verson and Wade Phau, you will:

  1. Apply stochastic forecasting and efficient frontiers to illustrate an analytical framework for retirees and advisers to make informed retirement income allocation decisions;
  2. Learn the retirement income generators (RIGs) that are currently available for DC retirement plans and are straightforward to implement;
  3. Determine if outcomes can be improved by using retirement savings to enable delaying Social Security benefits;
  4. Review solutions that use qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs) to design retirement income solutions;
  5. Analyze solutions that protect retirement income in the period leading up to retirement with deferred income annuities and guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits.

Your presenters are:

Steve Vernon

Steve Vernon, FSA, MAAA, Research Scholar, Stanford Center on Longevity, President of Rest-of-Life Communications

In both of his roles as Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity and as the President of Rest-of-Life Communications, Steve is active with research, writing, and speaking on the most challenging issues facing retirees today, including finance, health, and lifestyle. For more than 35 years, he has helped Fortune 1000 employers design, manage and communicate their retirement programs.

Steve is one of the most sought-after retirement experts in the country due to his surprising and inspiring insights. He is quoted frequently in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USAToday, BusinessWeek, Fortune Magazine, Kiplinger’s, and Money Magazine. He also writes occasional columns for Retirement Weekly.

Wade Pfau

Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, a Professor of Retirement Income for the American College of Financial Services and the Director of Retirement Research for McLean Asset Management, as well as the author of Insights & Research for Lifetime Financial Planning for the Retirement Researcher.

Wade is passionate about retirement income security for Americans by providing educational material and information about retirement income strategies for advisors. He has published research on retirement planning in a wide variety of academic and practitioner research journals, and is an active blogger and monthly columnist. Wade’s research has been discussed in outlets including the print editions of The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and SmartMoney.

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center

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Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans - Steve Vernon, Wade Pfau

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Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans - Steve Vernon, Wade Pfau


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