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Advanced Annuity and Tax Strategies for Retirement Income - Curtis Cloke

Managing market volatility and longevity risk are two well-known and highly visible risks easily defined

Less known or perceived risks may include, fee-drag, tax-drag, provisional income tax calculations that determine how much Social Security income is taxable and the MAGI income tax calculation that determines the Medicare Part B Tier cost a retiree pays for Medicare Part B premiums.

Advisors who grasp the knowledge of how annuities may vary and how they are taxed differently will be more powerfully equipped to use these tools to help mitigate avoidable tax and cost-drags for retirees. Moreover, advisors who dismiss annuities or focus only on performance yields may miss the boat on significant benefits annuities may provide to their retiree portfolios.

In "Advanced Annuity and Tax Strategies for Retirement Income" by Curtis Cloke, you will:

  1. Improve your knowledge about the best and worst uses for annuities;
  2. Learn how annuities integrate with taxes, protection benefits, while mastering words to educate and contrast;
  3. Understand the “Basket of Products” approach with integration of other portfolio products;
  4. Explore how annuities may enhance and optimize a retiree’s portfolio;
  5. Define critical elements for advisors for better product selection and ultimate client satisfaction;
  6. Dissect a variety of tax classes that may be represented by the household income and asset balance sheet;
  7. Discover how annuities have a variety of potential tax implications, (i.e. LIFO, FIBO®, & FIFO);
  8. Discuss the ethical and powerful concepts of annuities. Safe Income: Luck vs. Skill (Predictable vs Unpredictable).

Your presenter is Curtis Cloke, CLTC, LUTCF, RICP, award-winning financial professional and retirement income expert, trainer, and speaker. 

Curtis ClokeCurtis has over 29 years of experience in income distribution planning. Recognized in 2009 as a top-five finalist for Advisor of the Year by Senior Market Advisor magazine, Curtis provides educational workshops, seminars, and presentations on advanced retirement income-planning strategies and techniques for financial professionals. He has also contributed to the RICP designation as an adjunct instructor with the American College of Financial Services.

Curtis actively engages all his audiences with his personable character and genuine care for clients’ retirement needs and concerns. Through his extensive experience, he has perfected the ability to quickly and accurately identify the income needs of all his clients and he’s developed a system-based sales approach that he teaches to advisors. Beyond using annuities to create guaranteed income for life, he shows advisors how to generate the maximum inflation-adjusted income for their clients using the least amount of the portfolio.

With a track record of spot-on media commentary, Curtis Cloke’s expertise has been featured in Senior Market Advisor, InsuranceNewsNet, Retirement Income Journal, NAFA Annuity Outlook, The Wealth Channel magazine,,, and many more. He is a frequent guest on radio and TV stations, has appeared as a guest on NAIFA ClientCast by Real Wealth® and as a guest presenter on their webinar series, Power Session LIVE by Real Wealth®.

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center

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Advanced Annuity and Tax Strategies for Retirement Income - Curtis Cloke


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