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09/09/2024 No Portfolio Is An Island - David Blanchett - Rebroadcast

This course will be REBROADCAST on: Monday, September 9, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT.

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Gain insight into how important it is that we help our clients prepare financially for retirement by considering their total wealth, and not only their investable assets.

Financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, are only one component of an investor’s total economic worth.

Other assets, such as human capital, real estate, and pensions often represent a significant portion of an investor’s total wealth, but are commonly ignored when building portfolios.

David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar Investment Management, explores various frameworks to design more efficient portfolios from a total wealth perspective in this presentation. Topics discussed include the relevance of human capital, optimal endowment allocations given donation risk, the impact of liabilities on optimal portfolios, efficient income investing, taxes, and optimal portfolios for different investing durations.

In "No Portfolio is an Island" by David Blanchett, you will:

  1. Discover different types of risks to consider when building portfolios that are more efficient for clients when viewed from a total wealth perspective;
  2. Understand why there is no one efficient portfolio for all investors;
  3. Learn frameworks for incorporating different risks and preferences into the portfolio optimization process.

Comments from Retirement Professionals who have taken this course:

  • “The flow of the webinar was great. Easy to follow and listen to.”
  • “Excellent balance of theory and pragmatic approach to overall allocations.”
  • “It was excellent and I totally agree with David Blanchett’s presentation.”
  • “Excellent, keep up the good work.”
  • “Fast paced but a very good session for reinforcement about the holistic need in portfolio construction.”

Your presenter is David Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP®, Head of Retirement Research, Morningstar Investment Management.

David Blanchett

David M. Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP® is head of retirement research for Morningstar Investment Management LLC. In this role, he helps develop and maintain methodologies relating to wealth forecasting, general financial planning, automated investment selection, and portfolio assignment for Morningstar Investment Management LLC.

He has published over 100 papers in a variety of industry and academic journals that have received a number of awards. He is currently an Expert Panelist for the Wall Street Journal, an Adjunct professor of Wealth Management at The American College, and a member of the ERISA Advisory Council. He recently earned the Best Research Award for the Annual Research Track at the 2020 Financial Planning Association Annual Conference.

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center

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Overall Rating:   4.3 / 5No Portfolio Is An Island - David Blanchett

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09/09/2024 No Portfolio Is An Island - David Blanchett - Rebroadcast


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