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Aging and the Impact of Cognitive Impairment on Retirement: How to Detect it and What to Do for Your Clients - Quinn Kennedy

Approximately 25% of adults aged 65 and older are living with either Mild Cognitive Impairment or Alzheimer’s disease/related dementias.

Thus, a significant portion of your older clients are at risk of financial exploitation and loss of financial autonomy due to cognitive impairment. 

Financial advisors can play a key role in protecting their clients from these circumstances. This webinar will provide a primer on how cognitive function changes across the adult lifespan, how to differentiate between typical age-related cognitive decline and dementia, lifestyle behaviors that help maintain good cognitive function and reduce dementia risk, how to detect financial elder abuse, and steps that can be taken if a client shows signs of cognitive impairment. 

In "Aging and the Impact of Cognitive Impairment on Retirement: How to Detect it and What to Do for Your Clients" by Dr. Quinn Kennedy, you will:

  1. Learn about the typical cognitive aging process and how it differs from Alzheimer’s disease;
  2. Discover strategies to maintain good cognitive function and reduce dementia risk;
  3. Gain a better understanding of the ways in which cognitive impairment negatively impacts retirement savings and financial autonomy;
  4. Better understand how to detect financial elder abuse;
  5. Learn actions that advisors can take before and after their clients become cognitively impaired.

Your presenter is Quinn Kennedy, Phd, Director of Aging Research at neuroFit.

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Dr. Quinn Kennedy earned a PhD in Psychology and completed postdoctoral training in Cognitive Aging, both at Stanford University.  She is the Director of Aging Research at neuroFit.  Dr. Kennedy has over 20 years of research experience in investigating factors that affect older adults’ decision making, memory and performance.

Dr. Kennedy’s research has been recognized through multiple awards, grants, and peer reviewed journal publications including Psychological SciencePsychology of Aging, and Journals of Gerontology.  With her collaborators, her work has been featured on Channel 2 news,  NPR,  The New York TimesSan Francisco Chronicle, and Science. Dr. Kennedy is a popular speaker on healthy cognitive aging, conducts the workshop, Planning for your late life brain: habits you can build now to maintain cognitive function later, through Stanford Continuing Studies, and is a guest contributor to Psychology Today. 

She has partnered with Peter Johnson of PW Johnson Wealth Management with an online webinar series  designed to illustrate why cognitive boosting activities should be incorporated into retirement planning.   Through her consulting business, Dr. Kennedy works with companies to incorporate lifestyle activities that promote good cognitive function into their business model. 

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center

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Aging and the Impact of Cognitive Impairment on Retirement: How to Detect it and What to Do for Your Clients - Quinn Kennedy


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