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AI in Action: Exploring the Use of ChatGPT in Retirement Planning - Eric Ludwig

The retirement planning landscape is rapidly evolving with the advent of AI technologies.  

While these tools, like ChatGPT, offer promising enhancements in client communication and operational efficiency, they also present challenges in integration and understanding. 

The implications of not harnessing AI effectively can lead to missed opportunities and inefficiencies in service delivery. This session will address the need for financial planners to understand the potential and pitfalls of AI, specifically ChatGPT, and provide guidance on how to incorporate it strategically into their practices for optimal benefit.

By the end of the session, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of how ChatGPT can be harnessed to enhance retirement planning practices. They will possess actionable insights into practical applications, ethical considerations, and the critical importance of maintaining a delicate balance between technology and human expertise. This session aims to empower participants to embrace AI as a valuable tool, while also recognizing its limitations, paving the way for transformative advancements in the field and ultimately improving the retirement readiness of individuals and communities.

In "AI in Action: Exploring the Use of ChatGPT in Retirement Planning" with Eric Ludwig, you will:

  1. Begin with an overview of ChatGPT, understanding its foundation, capabilities, and the significance of its rapid adoption in the financial industry;
  2. Discover how AI integration in retirement planning can streamline operations, freeing up time previously spent on routine tasks, allowing professionals to focus on higher-level functions, deepening client relationships, and expanding their client base;
  3. Delve into the collaborative approach: leveraging ChatGPT as a transformative tool for retirement planning professionals.;
  4. Dive into real-world use cases illustrating the integration of ChatGPT in various retirement planning scenarios, including risk assessment, portfolio diversification, and long-term financial strategies;
  5. Learn about the limitations of ChatGPT, understanding scenarios where its application may not be ideal and recognizing moments where your expertise and judgment are paramount;
  6. Engage in discussions on best practices for incorporating AI in retirement planning, ensuring you're equipped to navigate the intersection of technology and human expertise;
  7. Participate in interactive discussions and Q&A sessions to address your queries, foster a deeper understanding, and explore potential implementation challenges. 

Your presenter is Eric Ludwig, Ph.D., CFP, Assistant Professor of Retirement Income, RICP® Program Director, Executive Director of the Center for Retirement at The American College of Financial Services. 

Eric Ludwig PhD, CFP®

Eric Ludwig, Ph.D., CFP, stands at the intersection of academia and real-world financial expertise. As a well-regarded retirement planning thought leader, he serves as an Assistant Professor of Retirement Income and directs the RICP® program. In his role as the Executive Director of the Center for Retirement at The American College of Financial Services, Eric's dedication to research and innovation is evident. He's committed to crafting solutions that not only ensure financial stability for investors but also enrich their personal lives, recognizing the intertwined nature of financial security and personal fulfillment in retirement.

Ludwig has been in the financial services industry for over 16 years, ten of which as the CEO at Stockbridge Private Wealth Management. This blend of hands-on industry experience and academic rigor equips him with a dynamic and pragmatic viewpoint. His multifaceted expertise as a practitioner, educator, and researcher grants him a profound grasp of behavioral finance and retirement planning, leading to pioneering research in the field. 

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center

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AI in Action: Exploring the Use of ChatGPT in Retirement Planning - Eric Ludwig


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