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InFRE's 2018 1st Qtr Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

The March 2018 free quarterly newsletter features articles on Pensionize IRAs & 401(k), Home Equity, and Protecting an Aging Client's Retirement Security.

 Annalee Kruger, President, Care Right, Inc. Peter Neuwirth and Barry Sacks  Steve Vernon, FSA, is a Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, and is President of Rest-of-Life Communications.s

Articles in the 1st Quarter - March 2018 Issue:

  • InFRE Update: Get the Most Out of Your CRC® Certification

  • How to “Pensionize” Any IRA or 401(k) Plan, by Steve Vernon, F.S.A., Research Scholar, Stanford Center on Longevity

  • Integrating Home Equity and Retirement Savings Through the “Rule of 30”, by Peter Neuwirth, FSA, FCA, and Barry Sacks, PhD, JD

  • How to Protect an Aging Client's or Adult Child's Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis, by Annalee Kruger of Care Right Inc.

Some of the topics covered in this issue:

  1. Learn how middle-income retirees can develop a stream of reliable lifetime income; see straightforward investment strategies that can be used by middle-income retirees during their retirement; see methods for analyzing and comparing retirement income strategies.

  2. Learn what the conventional strategy (a passive strategy) is for the use of home equity to enhance retirement income; what the “coordinated” strategy (an active strategy) is for the use of home equity to enhance retirement income; how to perform a simple estimate to determine the amount of inflation-adjusted cash flow a retiree can reasonably expect throughout a 30-year retirement.

  3. Learn how advisors can and should help their aging clients and their clients' adult children prepare for a health event ahead of time; what can happen to their retirement security if their needs are not addressed; why it is important to develop a team of professionals to refer.

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InFRE's 2018 1st Qtr Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends


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